Presentation of Elmatec

Who are we?

Elmatec is a dynamic, innovative SME whose headquarters are based in Annecy, France.

Created in 2003, the company initially specialized in water sterilization solutions for hospitals.

Over the years, Elmatec has developed its industrial activities and become a trusted partner for manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, energy sectors and industry in general. Elmatec is ISO 9001 certified since January 2017.

We specialize in water purification and membrane separation processes, regardless of whether it is a core component of or in conjunction with your industrial process.

As an authorized distributor of Suez WTS technologies, we rely on reputable experts to define the best solution to meet your requirements.

In addition to membrane-based solutions, Elmatec integrates all the treatment technologies needed to provide the most suitable solution.

Elmatec has developed strong expertise in the production of ultrapure, pharmaceutical and food-grade water in compliance with the standards and requirements of each activity sector.

Elmatec provides pilot plants (MF, UF, NF, RO, ED) to determine the best design for process membrane applications: purification of organic acids, concentration of proteins, demineralization of sweet juices, etc.

Got a project? A problem that needs solving? Need some advice? We intervene throughout France and abroad.

Elmatec has been an official partner and distributor of SUEZ products since 2012.

Elmatec has been an official partner and distributor of SUEZ products since 2012.

The value of trusted partners and relationships

The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, that is why we provide:

  • Service adapted to your needs via a single contact, from project analysis to the maintenance contract, owing to the support of our engineers and a customized approach to each environment.
  • A solution built to meet your requirements. Our solutions are developed based on a joint analysis of your specific needs and taking into account the specificities of your activity (standards, regulations, etc.).
  • Proven product reliability. The components used in our installations are carefully selected and are entirely manufactured and tested in our workshops before installation on site.
  • Prompt response and interventions in the shortest possible time, installation and commissioning of our systems on-site, as well as user training. We systematically propose a maintenance contract for our installations.
  • High standards and quality; we continuously improve our systems and find the best suppliers to keep abreast of technical developments.

Our skill sets


Elmatec not only understands your needs but is also keen on discussing how their technology can be integrated into your overall process. Elmatec also has expertise in hydraulics, process engineering and automation.


Elmatec relies on a team of seasoned design and proposal engineers with years of accumulated experience to better understand your needs and design the most appropriate solution.


Elmatec assists you with the operation and maintenance of your system through after-sales service contracts and regular inspections.


Elmatec has developed an inventory of pilot plants to conduct laboratory or semi-industrial tests. This approach allows us to validate a technological process before manufacturing complex industrial assemblies. Pilot plants to help better understand your needs.

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